Microcomputer Induction Cooker
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Two zones built-induction cooker, adopts electromagnetic heating theory, controlled by the micro-computer and touch sensor control system. There are multi-functions that can meet various demand of cooking. They are the idea production for the modern family.

Working principle of induction cooker
  • The induction cooker adopts the heating principle of induction eddy current the magnetic field.
  • The magnetic field appears when the electiric current passes through the coil.
  • The cooking potmeets the high ccle magnetic field, it will produce whorl electric current that will heat up the pot from the base.

Ideal productions for the modern family
Efficient - with the heat efficiency up to 83% to 85%, t saves the enetgy.
Clean - with the newest high-tech andti-sliding matt glasses ceramics and plain design, it is easy for beautiful and elegant.
Safe - various safe protection device to ensure its safety.
Enironmental-friendly - fireless and smokeless, contributes to cozy and ideal living enironments and good health of famuly members.


Function Introduction

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